Our Story

Denvell Group is a private holding group established in 1989. For over 30 years we have grown from a premium property holding to encompass a diverse range of real estate assets, businesses and investments.



Denvell Group is a holding firm comprising of multiple entities that have been active since 1989. Holding an Asian-Pacific focus in regards to our investment portfolio with significant investments and projects in the Asia Pacific region. A large proportion of Denvell’s asset portfolio is formed by Residential Development Sites and Commercial Real Estate, followed by a diverse range of investments and businesses ranging from Retail, Manufacturing, International Trade and Financial Instruments.

We are committed to the sustainable development of our businesses. Core to the Denvell Group are our values and ethics, these values are reflected in all our business dealings. We are guided by our values: Vision, Quality, Commitment, Responsibility, Ingenuity and Innovation. The commitment to values and traditions are characteristics we look for in our employees, investments and business co-operatives.

Along with traditions, we believe that innovation keeps a company robust regardless of size or history, relevance to the current times is essential. Innovation is fundamental in preserving and advancing the groups business interests.

At Denvell we believe that the lessons of the past hold both symbolic and practical value. The cyclical nature of economies and our long-term outlook on investments, fuel organic growth of our current asset portfolio through precise, synergised acquisitions and transactions.


Together, we’re developing a new vision for how people can live their lives. We’re united by our desire to transform residential projects, and transcend Sydney’s assumed style of townhouse and apartment living.

Joshua Tsai

Managing Director